Do you want to grow your store’s income? Do you want to be part of the Power.Today movement?

If you own a retail business in a DC Go area, you have the opportunity to expand your business, becoming one of the local faces of DC Go within the community.

Your business will become a place that customers can come to request upgrades, additional products, and to purchase DC Go Vouchers. You will also earn commission for each voucher sold.


  • DC Go presence in the area with customer base
  • Existing retail business e.g. trading store/space, fastfood shop, etc
  • Business bank account – with electronics funds transfer capability
  • Open during standard trading hours Monday to Friday and at least 1 day per weekend, 12 months of the year
  • Stable internet connection – wifi connection or minimum of 3G connectivity
  • Valid e-mail address
  • Permanent telephone number (cell-phone)
  • Laptop/Desktop/Tablet device with internet access – basic computer skills required
  • Electricity supply with back up power supply (e.g. generator) – or willing to sign-up with DC Go package for electrification service of the store
  • Agree to branding/signage being installed at their premises


You will receive:

  • DC Go branding and signage
  • Customer brochures
  • DC Go Point-of-sale device and thermal printer for printing receipts of DC Go voucher sales.