“I’ve waited 24 years for lights in my home… 24 years in darkness”

“Halala DC Go, halala”

Nkaneng, Rustenburg, North West Province: On 23rd May 2018, DC Go celebrated the official commissioning of an off-grid electrification solution with their first 60 customers within the Nkaneng community.

Nkaneng settlement, quoted as a ‘sorry symbol of a century of neglect’, and home to over 4000 households within the North West province’s platinum belt is devoid of all basic amenities and service delivery. For the inhabitants of Nkaneng, a running tap and light switch are simply, out of the question.

However, in April 2018, DG Go, an affordable off-grid electrification provider to underserviced communities, commenced implementation of Phase 1 at Nkaneng.

“When they arrived and told us they would give us power. We didn’t believe them. Three weeks later, the sun went down, and we switched on our lights.”

The installation of 14 solar PV sub-stations with storage now provide generation, distribution and management of energy to 60 households in the community. After waiting in darkness every night for over for 24 years, the wishes and pleas of this community have been heard.

Chief Koketso Rakhudu, representing the Royal Bafokeng Nation joined the launch event, and, impressed and excited by the experience, addressed the crowd urging that this “historic moment should continue throughout the entire North West Province – especially the communities that are disadvantaged,” and offered the Royal Bafokeng Nation’s assistance in order to support DC
Go’s vision.

DC Go Managing Director, Greg Midlane, said “when the public and private sectors work together communities can thrive. We had to find a solution which would create a direct business-to-customer relationship whilst complying with all current National, regional and local legislation – and that is what we’ve done. Electrification is no longer an option in todays’ world; it is only the first step in a journey which can lead to other opportunities for improvement in quality of life and access to services.”

The implementation of the DC Go business model provides a fitting example of the President’s call for private sector contribution to the growth of the South African economy.

Entering its 2nd phase, DC Go plans to electrify a further 108 units utilizing the installed infrastructure, with more to follow, thus providing DC Go’s customers with a catalyst to improve their quality of life whilst alleviating poverty through job creation, skills and enterprise development.

About DC Go:
DC Go provides affordable, off-grid electrification to underserviced communities. Offering energy as a service, systems are implemented in communities through local employment and local vendors, empowering people and creating economic and environmental sustainability. A range of pay-as you-go packages make the power solutions both accessible and affordable irrespective of household income.

For more information contact: info@dcgo.today